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The Lineup

The Captain


Priyesh Shah

Group CEO

Driven by a mission to impact lives by enhancing everyday products and forging global partnerships for a more sustainable future. His expertise is in deploying new and existing technology concepts to business innovation with a specific lens on Sub Saharan Africa.

An entrepreneur, mentor and investor who has built, managed, scaled, and invested in companies across multiple sectors, including packaging, communication, distribution, technology and micro-finance - his inspiration stems from curiosity and a key focus on collaborations, partnerships and innovation concepts that live at the intersection of physical, digital, impact and sustainability.  


He believes in the immense potential of Africa’s human capital. He is convinced that the most sustainable and enduring way in which we can narrow the social divide in our society is to equip our youth with a high quality education, allowing them to prosper in a dynamic global economy.

He currently serves as the CEO of the Kensta Group, a diverse services and distribution group, headquartered in Kenya, with operations across East and Central Africa.

What I aspire to achieve:

"I want to be a minimalist in what I take from the planet, a maximist in what I give to people and a pragmatist in the way i navigate the two."


"My world view - a rising tide raises all boats."

The Anchor

A young dynamic, hungry professional, unfazed in challenging the status quo

She operates autonomously and is tasked with some of the most innovative future projects that the group will undertake 

An organized, meticulous, reliable, diplomatic, and resourceful leader;

serving as an air traffic controller for the leader and the senior team; as an integrator connecting work streams that would otherwise remain siloed; as a communicator linking the leadership team and the broader organization; as an honest broker and truth teller when the leader needs a wide-ranging view without turf considerations; and as a confidant without an organizational agenda.


Kensta has allowed me to find my purpose with clarity. I have had the opportunity to work with ardent and skilled professionals and have positively changed how I perceive opportunities and situations that come along the way.​

"I like to use my creative skillset towards creating meaningful value for a positive tomorrow."


Bhumi Patel

Chief Of Staff




CEO Kenya

I am an Electrical Engineer 

by academic qualification, a life enthusiast by virtue, I live to travel the world, tell great stories, my ambition is to travel the world and to savour the exquisite culinary taste of the world.

An extremely methodical scientist with the ability to forge long lasting relationships anchored on trust, goodwill, and mutual benefit.

​A self motivated team player who enjoys new projects in new places and extremely passionate about learning technologies, networking and building social connections. One of my life goals is to live a peaceful life in the Himalayan Mountains.

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place"

by J.K.Rowling 


As Group Head of Finance he is tasked with ensuring the group is efficient and profitable. He has over 23 years of accounting and Finance experience and has spent invaluable time in each of the group companies analysing their processes and maximising their finances. Equipped with a B.Com in Cost Management Accounting from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Ramana spent his first decade at Kensta auditing different businesses and enhancing financial discipline. He has an in-depth appreciation of the business processes.  An ambitious individual setting high standards and aiming for perfection. Always operating with high integrity.

"The working environment of Kensta Group is very conducive and feels like we are running our family business and have constantly given me the opportunity to show my true potential."


Group CFO

srinu photo_edited.jpg


CEO Uganda

An extremely well experienced printing engineer, with over 33 years of  manufacturing and trading experience from around the globe (India, Bahrain, Cyprus and Uganda). His thirst for knowledge is commendable, his personality is contagious and his sincerity impeccable. His business ambitions are emulated from his father. He is an extremely dependable leader, with a well crafted balance of humility, mentorship and accountability. A well respected professional, having served on the board of Uganda Association of Manufacturers, lectured at Ugandan Kyambogo University 

At Kensta he has grown his business unit 10X, built a state of the art manufacturing facility and uplifted the lives of thousands of people through his dedication and goodwill.




With a BEng in Electronics, and an extremely logical mind, VIshal has been Head of IT at Kensta Group for the past 12 years leading the technical team with designing, deploying and maintaining practical and affordable solutions. Finding new challenges that are both innovative and simplistic are his key motivators. He strives to equip the group with practical technology solutions that ensure development without complexity.

"I'd like to be remembered for my simplicity



Application Wizard

An MBA graduate with a specific focus on Strategic management. His professional experience includes Sales and Marketing for major FMCG brands before taking on the responsibility to lead the Transpaper team in Kenya.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, A dependable leader, passionate achiever, he operates with perfection and humility. 

Welly is tasked to explore new opportunities for the products we sell, to enhance the applications for which our products are used and to maximise the brand recognition they receive from end users. He is most excited about product market fit. Quote he associates with “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” Seth Godin


"I'd like to be remembered for developing the corporate clients for Kensta and leading Transpaper Team


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