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The Kensta Group – Constructing Growth:

The Kensta Group is all about unparalleled business synergy – offering our clients end-to-end solutions to remove the borders to their business growth. Kensta brings together an extraordinary diverse range of print and digital mediums, Kensta Group consistently and professionally offers effective solutions to our clients communications needs.

  • The core duty of the print division is to ensure that your clients are communicating effectively using the most appropriate medium. We do this by delivering solutions that integrate every step of the print process – products, machinery, technology and logistical support – that enable you to service your clients effectively. By providing internationally sourced technology and products to the print and packaging industry, Kensta Group has contributed to the enhancement of the quality of print throughout the East African region for over 45 years.
  • Recognising that technology can act as a cue or a curb to business growth, the digital communication division of Kensta Group provides integrated and constructive solutions for management of information flow into and out of a business. Offering an extensive range of communications systems, imaging for printing and copying, security systems and money processing, our services create the channel for business growth and diversification.

The Print Division – Synergising the Processes of Print

With an innate understanding of the complete print process, from prepress to pressroom to finishing services, the Print Division of Kensta Group, which includes Transpaper, Zenith, KenNat and Page, serves the diverse needs of the print industry with a synergy that brings together the processes of print into one seamless solution.  As a group, Kensta is able to deliver tailored answers to the individual needs of each of our clients by pulling from the broad range of services offered:

  • Distribution of a broad variety of paper, board and graphic art printing mediums to the print and packaging industry.
  • Supply of new, refurbished and rerubberised rubber rollers used in offset, flexographic and gravure printing.
  • Development of inks designed to meet the needs of each client’s business.
  • Provision of high-end ink products including security ink used in money and VIP documents.
  • Sourcing of the full range of printing and finishing equipment for all sizes of businesses – from the graphics design office to the large scale printer.
  • Fabrication of materials required for print expression, including banners, billboards, posters and vinyls.

Our teams of highly skilled professionals, well versed in the technical know-how of print, consult with clients and offer the highest level of support throughout the printing process.

Print Solutions from Transpaper, Zenith, KenNat and Page:

Working together to find the right solutions for clients, Transpaper, Zenith, KenNat and Page make Kensta a true partner for businesses across the broad spectrum of the print industry and across the entire print process, from prepress, to pressroom to finishing services.  End-to-End.

Kensta is continuously developing new products and technologies with leading partners around the world to enhance the capabilities available in East Africa.  And with an ethos that puts the client’s needs and budget as the primary consideration.

Transpaper – The right print medium
Effective communication is achieved by printing on the right medium – the medium best suited in style, quality and make-up for the job in hand.

Transpaper provides any raw material required for all print processes in both analogue and digital, a one-stop-shop for all printing materials.  Be it watermarked paper for corporate stationary, durable material for banners and signage, high quality paper for brochures or promotional materials, heavy duty boarding, Transpaper has the partnerships in place with global suppliers to ensure the right material is available.  By seeking out environmentally sound products and supplying and distributing only the finest mediums available, our clients, be they the small office or the large print house, are provided with the means to produce the highest quality finished product possible.

Zenith – Understanding Rollers:

Manufacturing industry standard rubber rollers used in offset, flexographic and gravure printing, Zenith goes beyond the area of pure print and provides rubber rollers for paper folding machines, perforating machines, cold glue application machines and varnishing machines as well as for a complete range of other support functions for the printing industry.  Understanding our client’s constraints, Zenith provides refurbished as well as new rubber rollers.

Outside the traditional printing industry, we extend our expertise to the plastic and metal decorating industries.  Within the plastics arena Zenith refurbishes rollers for film extruders and re-winders.  Services for the metal decorating industry include the production of rollers for printing and varnishing machines.

KenNat – Inks by Design

Developing inks specifically designed to meet the needs of each client’s business, KenNat delivers inks based on SICPA and Siegwerk technology for the broad range of printing processes as well as high tech specialty inks for UV protection, acrylic varnishing and many others.  Designed to minimise environmental impact, KenNat inks comply with latest health, safety and environmental standards.  High end products include security ink used in cheques and VIP documents.

Page – The Right Equipment

Every print job is best achieved on a machine expressly designed for that individual task and the team at Page has the knowledge to provide clients with the right equipment for their needs.  The ethos is to look at our clients requirements and budgets, be it on digital or analogue platforms and create a tailor-made solution. The benefit of being an independent distributor means the clients can choose from a variety of brands, the best suited to their needs. Adding value, sharing industry knowledge and providing the highest level of technical support, Page supplies the full range of equipment required by our clients for their Offset, Screen printing and Signage development businesses.

The Digital Division – Overcoming Business Constraints

Dedicated to designing and maintaining practical and affordable solutions to our clients specific business communications needs, Express Automation offers a full range of services from two-way radio, to integrated digital telecommunications networks, to state-of-the-art document management systems, to the latest broadband technology.

Services offered by Express Automation include:

  • Creation of custom-made communications systems, interlinked into a single platform.
  • Electronic and physical security systems to ensure maximum business privacy.
  • State-of-the-art document management systems to enhance efficiency.
  • Imaging solutions for printing and copying needs.
  • Money processing systems for cash management and currency counting.

Understanding the client’s opportunities and finding the right solution to maximise them is only part of the service. Express Automation not only provides the necessary systems but also maintains them with a highly-trained team of engineers.

Integrated & Customised Systems:

Following a detailed survey of a client’s business needs, a practical and cost-effective corporate communication or office management solution is designed.  Through close links with suppliers at the forefront of global technology, Express Automation is able to custom-make a system using the most appropriate equipment to optimise efficiency and connectivity.

Be it for a new business set up, regional expansion, rural diversification or remote location management, the customised systems we create make the most of satellite and wireless technology to give clients a single interlinked communications platform. Interfacing a variety of communications channels – fixed, mobile, internet, radio or wireless – into one intelligent system allows us to keep our clients connected anywhere in the region with absolute privacy and security.

Privacy & Security:

As connectivity increases through a growing range of communications channels, over broader geographical areas and into increasingly remote locations, so too does the risk of loss of confidentiality.  By keeping our clients electronic security at the forefront of planning from the start and incorporating the very latest screening hardware and encryption software, communications are protected, guarded and secure.

Our security services extend the reassurance we offer to the physical environment, from a client’s desk to the perimeter of their property.  Our office shredders are the leaders in the industry and capable of destroying all types of confidential documentation – be they paper, CDs or corrugated material.  CCTV surveillance systems ranging from simple retail security to sophisticated industrial-grade remote surveillance systems linked into security companies and authorities are part of the security service mix.

Intelligent Data Management:

Whatever a client’s document management needs, Express Automation empowers the largest or smallest of businesses to be able to print, reproduce, manage and store their documentation and to be able to integrate the process seamlessly.

As the exclusive distributor of some of the most intelligent printer-fax-photocopier machines available today, we provide our clients with the means to produce high-resolution colour documents at phenomenal speeds in any format and on virtually any kind of material.  Express Automation ensures the right solution for your printing and copying needs.

Making Cash Count:

Express Automation is an expert in the field of cash management.  We offer our clients, be they banks, bureaus, or private businesses, the broadest range of equipment and software available in the region to count, sort, authenticate and issues notes and coins, and to do so in a wide range of currencies.

Unrivalled Service Support:

Paramount to our success, and backing up everything we do, is our extraordinary high levels of customer service.  Our state-of-the-art Technical Service Centre in Nairobi serves as a hub for our network of fully-equipped service centres that extend across the region.  We can deliver a professional, highly-trained team of technical engineers to a client’s door step at any time they are needed, anywhere in the region.

While providing personal and reliable face-to-face support, our service teams are backed by sophisticated web-based software, which tracks all service requests and provides clients with up-to-date status on their progress.  By backing up our clients communications systems with our very own world-quality communication system, our clients know we are never out of touch!

Behind the Scenes at Kensta Group – A Strong Backbone

Through more than forty years of dedication to affordability, reliability and adoption of new technologies, Kensta Group has evolved from being the provider of back-end services for the print industry.  Today we are well known for our role of the driver of new communications opportunities and now, digital printing solutions.  Although our range of services is complex and extensive, crossing over a wide range of multimedia, our drive is simple – by enhancing your capability through digital and print solutions, we are ultimately empowering your business.

Solid partnerships with premium suppliers are the backbone to Kensta’s success.  Our understanding of our own markets has allowed us to utilise the broad offerings available, and which we source from all over the world, within custom-made and practical solutions.  Clients have come to appreciate that the suppliers represented by Kensta Group are the best in their league.  These suppliers trust us to do business on their behalf.

Committed to sustainability in all aspects of business, we view environmental considerations as a source of innovation that can enhance competitiveness.  For a number of years, Kensta Group has been driving the process by educating clients towards environmental sustainability through our Going Green initiative with a great deal of success. The approach we are taking is to proactively source and promote products that are in keeping with our green principles and our strategy is superior because we work with paper companies, paper mills and environmental agencies who work to the same principles.  Kensta Group wants to serve those companies who want to go green, to deliver education, products and solutions to going green

Kensta’s ethos of finding the best solution for clients extends into the community and in particular to creating sustainable solutions for children in need of special protection at institutional levels.  Mr. Anoop Shah, our group chairman, is the Founding Trustee of Childlife Trust and since its establishment, Childlife Trust has reach out to over 50,000 children based in more than 200 institutions.

Each employee in the Kensta Group is as committed to the service of the community as they are to the service of their clients.  They each devote time to community service and have been engaged in projects including HIV / AIDS awareness, street children, child sponsorship and mentorship, Friends of Nairobi National Park, contributed to Ngong Forest Trust and working with people who have physical challenges.

Kensta Head Office
Nairobi Business Park
Ngong Road, Nairobi,
Tel: +254 20 386 0570 / 71.

Express Automation Kenya
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The Crescent, Westlands 1st floor,
Tel: +254 20 3630000.

Transpaper Kenya
Isiolo Road,
Off Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi,
Tel: +254 20 696 2000.

KenNat Inks & Chemicals Ltd, Kenya
P.O.Box 79552-00200
Tel : +254 20 2462565/6 , 8029451/2.

Transpaper Uganda
Plot 23, Nkrumah Rd,
Tel: +256 414 342814.

Transpaper Rwanda Sarl
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Tel: +250 502811.

Transpaper Tanzania
Saza Road, Chango’mbe,
Dar Es Salaam,
Tel: +255 22 2860 469 / 77 / 80.

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